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Bright Smiles, Happy Tails

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Taking care of your pet's dental health is an essential part of their preventive veterinary care.

Over time, the accumulation of bacteria in your pet's mouth can lead to issues that affect their teeth, gums, and overall well-being. By scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings, you can proactively safeguard their long-term health and prevent potential problems from arising.

During your pet's comprehensive wellness visits, one of our veterinarians will perform an oral exam. However, most dental disease lies below the gumline, which is why we recommend an annual cleaning performed under anesthesia.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

The team at Sacramento Animal Hospital takes great pride in staying at the forefront of cutting-edge dentistry.

  • Our preanesthetic lab work allows us to tailor our anesthesia protocol based on your pet’s needs.
  • Once your pet has been cleared for anesthesia, they will be given an injection to aid in sedation. We use inhalant anesthesia to keep your pet comfortably anesthetized throughout this highly-monitored procedure.
  • Our team will then begin the cleaning process. This includes scaling (to remove plaque and tartar), polishing, and X-rays to determine if any essential extractions are needed.
  • While we have your pet under anesthesia we will trim their nails, express anal glands and check their ears at no additional fee.
  • Your pet will be moved into one of our recovery suites where they will gently wake up and we can monitor them to make sure they are ready to go home to you.
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How to Prevent Dental Disease

  • At-Home Care: Proper dental care starts at home. We recommend following a regular teeth cleaning schedule and providing your pet with quality food, treats (yum!), and chew toys.
  • Wellness Exams: Prevention is the best medicine. Book your wellness visits at Sacramento Animal Hospital so we can provide your furry friend with a routine dental exam as part of their yearly check-up.
  • Annual Teeth Cleaning: Did you know that because pets age quicker than people, a yearly cleaning is the same as humans seeing the dentist every 5-7 years?
  • Yikes! Periodontal disease can affect more than just the mouth. These diseases can put a strain on your pet's vital organs too. Routine pet dental cleaning is an essential part of their care and can greatly enhance the quality of their life.

Don't let stinky breath come between you and those daily kisses! Call us to book a cleaning today.