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Latest News

Exciting Plans for the Future!

At SAH we are constantly striving to provide the best possible medical care for your furry family member, and to that end we have big plans in 2020-2021!

In order to offer more availability for dental procedures to help address painful periodontal disease and allow for routine cleanings as well, we will be remodeling our dental suite to accommodate additional procedures each day which will help ease the wait time for scheduling. We hope to have this new dental suite completed by the beginning of 2020 and will update our Facebook page with pictures and a timeline!

In addition, we will be planning to add canine rehabilitation and physical therapy to the services that we provide to help your pets live their best life. Dr. Lesley Scheblein and Dr. Erin True have pursued additional training to become certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists and will be designing exercise programs for our older patients as well as to help with post-surgical rehab.

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