Assistance With All Your Pet Breeding Needs From the Professionals at Sacramento Animal Hospital

At Sacramento Animal Hospital, we understand the commitment and investment required in breeding and raising purebred animals, and our professional team of veterinarians and staff are trained in the following reproductive services:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis—Early detection and pregnancy management are important to ensuring that your pet’s pregnancy is a healthy one.
  • Semen collection and evaluation—Breeding pets often requires the careful analysis of semen to identify issues such as infertility and diseases, as well as to allow for adequate planning.
  • Artificial insemination—We offer proven canine insemination techniques that maximize reproduction rates and minimize complications.

Our pet reproductive advice and services are based not only on pets’ reproductive needs, but also with their overall health in mind as well. From pregnancy to birth, our staff is committed to providing your pet with the utmost in care.

In order to identify and best meet the needs of your pet, we suggest you meet with our reproductive consultation team to develop a breeding service plan. This will enable us to partner together and create a plan that will be conducive to your pet’s overall health and vitality.

With more than 70 years of experience, Sacramento Animal Hospital offers expert care in the area of reproductive services, as well as general veterinary services.

Pet Breeding Assistance From The Staff at Sacramento Animal Hospital