Comprehensive Pet Wellness Services in East Sacramento CA & Surrounding Areas

At Sacramento Animal Hospital, we focus on the total well-being and care of your pet through all stages of life, and we offer a wide range of wellness services for cats and dogs. Our highly skilled staff of veterinarians and technicians is committed to providing excellent preventive health care, as well as advanced and progressive services.

And since no two pets are alike, each pet’s overall health and other important factors, such as age, environment, lifestyle, and diet, are taken into consideration when recommending care and treatment.

Sacramento Animal Hospital provides the following pet wellness services:

In addition to our pet wellness services, we also offer:

Pet emergency and urgent care—We have veterinarians and technicians who are trained and well equipped to handle emergencies. Should a condition arise that necessitates advanced diagnostics or 24-hour monitoring, we have ready access to excellent referral facilities in our area that will assist in the care of your pet.

Preventive veterinary medicine (including weight management)—We recommend an annual physical exam for pets under 7 years of age and twice yearly for pets that have reached their golden years. Keep in mind that pets age much more rapidly than people do, and our best chance of managing age-related diseases is to catch them in their early stages.

Pet Wellness Services at Sacramento Animal Hospital