Veterinary LASER Therapy for East Sacramento Pets

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Laser Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to treating disease without the use of medications. FDA approved Laser Therapy delivers deep penetration of light allowing relief of pain through the release of endorphins and increased blood circulation. The infrared laser light draws oxygen, water, and nutrients to the area in need, which creates an environment to promote healing. By stimulating injured cells, it can improve healing time after surgery, reduce acute or chronic inflammation, and increase mobility. Laser Therapy can also be used to help make patients more comfortable when surgery is not an option.

The range of applications for Laser Therapy is broad. It can be used to treat conditions like hip dysplasia, stomatitis, joint pain, infected wounds, soft tissue trauma, and even ear and anal gland infections. We routinely treat our surgical patients with Laser Therapy immediately following their procedure. This improves incision healing time and the comfort of our patients.

Many of our pet owners are becoming proponents of laser therapy. For example, patients suffering from arthritis can respond quickly to the treatment by becoming more relaxed, therefore getting around more easily. Aside from owners seeing significant improvement in mobility, some pets have stopped requiring pain medication to get through the night.

Most inflammation caused by disease, age, or trauma may be reduced or even eliminated; the overall health of your pet can be improved with laser therapy. Depending on the illness we are treating, we recommend anywhere from one laser treatment to a series of laser treatments, usually followed by a recheck exam. Intermittent treatments may be beneficial as needed. When a patient is being treated, s/he may feel a warm or tingly sensation, but absolutely no pain. Some pets even lean into the warmth of the laser.

Making our patients more comfortable as fast as possible is a major part of what we do here at Sacramento Animal Hospital. Laser Therapy is a tool that helps our patients feel better and heal faster.

Laser Surgery From Sacramento Animal Hospital