Controlled Substance Disposal

In the past, some of you have brought in old medications for donation or disposal and we have gladly accepted them. Although we can still accept most medications for donation, we will no longer be accepting or disposing of controlled substances in pursuant of the Controlled Substance Act. Accepting controlled substances once they have left the hospital does require a specific permit which we do not hold. Because there are many regulations regarding controlled substances, they unfortunately cannot be donated to animals in need.

There are a few options for disposing of controlled substances. It is important that we do not flush medications down the toilet due to contamination of streams, rivers, and drinking water. Please refer to the links below for approved drop-off locations.

Controlled Substance Disposal Approved Drop-Off Locations:

Click Here (PDF)

Note: Keep in mind, we can still take non-controlled substances as a donation for homeless pets.

Local Disposal Facility Information for non-controlled substances: